June 10, 2020

Our Vision and Learning lab won 1st place at sarcasm detection challenge 2020.

At the Sarcasm-aware artificial intelligence competition held at ACL2020, the world's most prestigious natural language processing society, Ripple AI - Seoul National University team (Professor Gunhee Kim, researcher Hankyul Lee, and graduate student Youngjae Yu) won the first place out of 39 teams.
This contest is intended to exchange and present techniques to understand and discern the satire or ironic analogies of online communities such as Twitter and Reddit.
Ripple AI - Seoul National University team have demonstrated smart and interactive AI technology that can comprehensively understand the satire and analogy that machines are difficult to understand by achieving an overwhelming number one performance in the competition. It is one of the most basic elements necessary for a machine's artificial intelligence to understand a conversation or a post it has seen, and to grasp the intention hidden in the text, like a person.
The competition was hosted by the FigLang2020 workshop hosted by ETS and Columbia University in the United States, and the Ripple AI - Seoul National University team will receive a comprehensive honor of first place at the ACL Society on July 9th.
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