June 10, 2020

Our Vision and Learning lab won 1st place at CVPR2020 Fashion IQ challenge.

Our Vision and Learning lab and Ripple A, startup founded in this lab, recently won 1st place at CVPR2020 Fashion IQ challenge.
The Fashion IQ Challenge of the CVPR2020, is the second competition hosted by IBM Research.
Fashion IQ is a competition that recommends the most suitable clothes according to the user's natural language (people's daily language) search. When the user enters a modification into a natural language in the proposed product image, it reflects this and recommends a new product image.
Designing an algorithm that reflects the user's repetitive natural language feedback well is a key technology in developing an interactive search/recommendation system.

The Ripple A-Seoul National University team (Professor Gunhee Kim, graduate student Youngjae Yu and Jongseok Kim, Ripple AI researcher Lee Seunghwan Lee) ranked first among the 44 teams.
They were the runner-up at the first competition held at ICCV2019.
The presentation and awards ceremony was held on June 19th through the CVPR workshop.
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